What Makes You Attractive as a Dancer

What Makes You Attractive as a Dancer

As we look around the dance floor at the many dancers doing their very best to capture the judges and audience’s attention some couples immediately stand out above others.  Certain dancers seem to shine brighter than their fellow competitors and seem to attract the audience’s attention more than others.  Certain couples seem to have an aura of energy around them that seems to be more appealing to people than other couples.  What is this secret?  What is it that makes a dancer more attractive than another dancer?

There are many elements that go into becoming an attractive dancer.  There is no one answer that makes one dancer more attractive than another yet there are a multitude of reasons that can make a dancer stand out.  Sitting next to a very famous coach during an important event, this famous coach in the first round pointed to one couple and said ”There are the champions tonight.”  And, sure enough that couple won the event later that evening!

So, what is it that made this couple stand out even before they started dancing?  The tail suit, dress, hair, make-up, shoes were all finely tuned such that they complemented each other and added to the attractiveness of the couple.  The man’s tail suit was pristinely ironed to look immaculate and complement his silhouette.  Everything was in balance and in proportion from the length of the pants being not too long or not too short to the length of the cuff and collar being equal.  Also, the clarity and accuracy of the bow tie was a detail this gentleman did not miss.  His clean hairstyle and cut was reminiscent of a Fred Astaire image which created a Hollywood look that everyone could appreciate.  In addition, the woman’s dress was beautiful and elegant demonstrating the pinnacle image of ballroom dancing.  The cut of the dress was complementary to her body highlighting her best features.  The color of the dress was in harmony with the atmosphere and setting of the ballroom which wasn’t blending too much with the floor.  Every detail of her image was thoroughly considered.  Here hairstyle had a beautiful shape which helped balance the height relationship of the couple.  Her hair was accurately groomed and her make-up was flawless such that she looked like she was the lead actress in a Hollywood movie.  Clean and new shoes matching the color of the dress finished her most attractive look from head to toe.

Yet, grooming and coloring are not the only factors that make a dancer more attractive than their fellow colleagues.  It is the aura of positive energy, confidence, charisma, and respect that one brings to the floor that sets them apart from the rest.  An attractive dancer will attract people not just because he or she is beautiful and looks pleasant but also because the intangible energy that he or she brings to the floor.  Positive energy comes from within and from one’s own personality, without which, dancers would be nothing more than a pretty picture.  It is not something that we can touch but certainly something that we can feel and sense and something that we all follow as spectators.  Confidence and belief in oneself helps to make a dancer more attractive.  Confidence allows a dancer to really shine and light up the ballroom.  Belief in one’s abilities helps boost a dancer’s body language and radiates outward like a beacon of light.  A charismatic dancer has the aura of attractiveness and allows others to gravitate towards their every movement across the dance floor.  They become a magnet attracting everything around them.  Finally, each and every dancer is trying their very best on the dancer floor and a truly attractive dancer will have grace and kindness for their fellow performer.

Journal written By Victor Fung & Anastasia Muravyeva