About Us

Master Dance Class was started by Professional Ballroom Dancing Champions Victor Fung and Anastasia Muravyeva.  Having danced together for over 10 years, this formidable dancing couple took the dancing world by storm when they started their careers together and have since then achieved great success throughout their professional careers. They are continuing to do good things and help others as they both feel very blessed and fortunate to not only have achieved great success in their professional careers but they have been able to travel the world to meet new people, see many different places, and experience different cultures and societies.

Anastasia Muravyeva started dancing at a very young of 3 years old in her hometown of St. Petersburg, Russia. Her love for ballroom dancing never wavered as she climbed the ranks in her home country of Russia to become one of the most successful and renowned dancers ever. She later moved to Ukraine where she continued her dancing career and became the Ukrainian Professional 10 Dance Champion.

Eventually, her heart was set on America and at the young age of 22 years old she moved to New York. From there, her success and dance career really flourished as she became one of the most famous dancers in the Ballroom Dancing industry today.

Victor Fung began his dancing career also at a young age of 9 years old in Southern California. A native American, Victor was born and raised in a family of 6 where all his siblings and both his parents enjoyed dancing together and participating in local competitions. However, Victor’s drive and desire for success in the dancing industry was evident at a young age. Victor won nearly all the competitions he entered and became 8 times United States Amateur Champion before turning professional. Immediately, he achieved great success after turning professional to become one of the highest ranked Americans ever in the ballroom dancing industry. 

However, for Victor and Anastasia, their true success and potential was finally realized when they met and started dancing together in 2009. Immediately, they took the dance world by storm and became instant finalists in all major worldwide championships and throughout their partnership they have won nearly every competition possible. Included in their repertoire of accomplishments is the 2017 British Open Professional Ballroom Championship title, the 2016 International Open Professional Ballroom Championship title, and the 2018, 2019 United States Professional Open Ballroom Championship titles. Their success is largely due to their commitment to working hard, dedicating their lives to very strong core values, and believing in the power of self-belief and discipline and that hard work will always lead to success and rewards.  They are dedicated to helping other dancers by sharing their knowledge, experience, artistry, creativity, and love for dancing through Master Dance Class and they look forward to having everyone join them!