***Breaking News From Ohio Star Ball***

Dear Fellow Dancers...

We understand the frustration and disappointment with the sudden cancellation of this year's Ohio Star Ball Championships. And, we know that you have all been preparing and working hard to make this year's Ohio a fabulous and wonderful event and for that we are most appreciative. We feel that the hard work and efforts you've put into preparing for this year's event should not go unnoticed and unappreciated.

Therefore, we have partnered with MasterDanceClass, the newest online dancing platform to help you display your shows that you have prepared for the Ohio Star Ball online. MDC was created by Victor Fung and Anastasia Muravyeva during these challenging times to help dancers in situations such as this that we are all facing. If you would like to participate, all you would need to do would be to video record your shows in your home, studio, or any place you desire as if you were performing them at the Ohio Star Ball and send them to info@masterdanceclass.com. There is no limitation to the length and creativity of your shows and we encourage you to be as creative as possible!

All proceeds from the sale of your shows online at MDC will go directly back to you. In addition, MDC will set up an individual GoFundMe page for each of you that participate and add a link to it on your MDC show page to help with raising donations for you. Again, all proceeds from the GoFundMe page will also go directly back to you.

We hope this little bit of effort on our part and on the part of MDC will go a long way in helping our dancing community and in helping all the dancers in our community that have supported us for so many years. We are thankful to MasterDanceClass for their generosity and hope that this will help us all remain in good spirits during these challenging times and help get us back on the dance floor very soon!

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to a favorable response from you all!

All the best,

Ohio Star Ball